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Laura H. Pace, MS, LMT


"Laura has been indispensable in the management of our child with special needs. Therapeutic massage has been extremely beneficial in the management of Nicholas, who has a severe debilitating progressive neurologic condition called Batten disease. We have found that he has an increase in function and significant pain relief following therapy sessions. Along with daily stretching routines, therapeutic massage may have an important role in children suffering from neurologic and muscular conditions which can otherwise cause severe disabilities."

Christopher Dainiak, MD

Bedford, NH

My daughter is 11 years old with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism. She is also nonverbal and has very strong sensory needs. Therapeutic massage was amazing for my helped her to relax and focus. Laura was amazing with her!!!  The one thing that impressed me the most was she saw my daughter as a person not a diagnosis.  She talked to her and involved her in her own therapy. Laura also made me as a parent feel normal which we always don't around our kiddos,  especially when they are having melt downs or pulling the very nice therapist's hair. Laura was always calm around my daughter and I learned so much from her. The best part was how relaxed she was after her also helped with her digestion and stomach issues. Overall it was a very positive therapy that my daughter looked forward to!! Laura was our miracle worker!!!!
Laurie Lamy (parent)
Hooksett, NH

"Laura is an amazing therapist as well as an amazing woman!  During our
initial phone conversation I described the severe headaches my Autistic
daughter was suffering from.  Laura offered to come over the very next
morning which happened to be Thanksgiving Day!  I was concerned about how
the session would go as my daughter does not respond well to being touched.
Laura approached her with a great deal of respect and understanding.  She
took the time to get to know my child and that made all the difference.  It
was the first of many productive sessions.  Within a very short time we
noticed significant changes directly resulting from the massages.  Her
headaches decreased and her gross motor abilities increased dramatically as
did her desire to engage in them.
As we got to know Laura, she generously offered to share with us her years
of personal experience in such areas as special needs diets, nutrition,
vitamins and supplements, nutraceuticals, OT techniques and programs, etc.
Her vast knowledge in these areas has proven invaluable to our family!  We
are now seeing progress in other areas my daughter has had difficulties in.
Laura is completely committed to a child's entire well being."

Carrie J. (parent)

Amherst, NH

Massage has really benefited my son who has severe spastic cerebral palsy. He has very tight muscles as well as poor circulation to his extremities.  Massage allows him to relax and release all the tension in his body.  My son can not speak, or walk, we basically take care of all his needs.  When Laura would walk in the room he would give her a big smile knowing he was going to be pampered for an hour!!!  

Karen D. (parent)

Hooksett, NH

I have known Laura Pace for several years now.  My first interaction with her is when she started the Little League Challengers Team in our town.  I then went on to work with Laura as she started up the SPEDPAC committee, to bridge the gap between the school district and parents of special need pupils.  She is very enthusiastic about anything and everything she does.  That couldn’t be truer than the work she is currently doing as a massage therapist and working with kiddos with special needs.  Because I had so much experience with Laura, when the time to switch up some therapies for my son, Dustin, I thought of Laura.  I had recommended her to another friend who was using her for massage therapy for her son, that it only made sense. Dustin and Laura only had the chance to work together for the last two years.  Dustin had CP and was very involved.  Laura was wonderful in the way she interacted and worked with Dustin.  At the end of their one-hour sessions together, Dustin was so relaxed, I just let him stay and enjoy the after effect of Laura’s time!  It was wonderful.

It is without hesitation, and with utmost confidence, that I recommend Laura for any massage needs for special needs individuals.

Michelle Turner (parent)

Bedford, NH

"Laura works from the heart. Her healing hands soothe the soul as she reaches into the depths of comfort."  CeCe Koester

Brain Gym Instructor


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